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The aims of the study are as follows: (a) What factors influence early marriage? b) What are the effects of early marriage on the rights of children? This is normative legal study, i.e., legal research that seeks to identify procedures, standards, or das sollen. This research was undertaken through library research in order to gather secondary data, including primary and secondary legal texts. Primary legal materials are binding legal documents, such as marriage and children's rights legislation. Comparatively, secondary legal materials are those that provide an explanation of the primary legal resources. The findings of the study indicate that marriages done below the legal age restriction are prevalent. Marriage demands psychological maturity, thus age restrictions are extremely crucial. Multiple factors, including environmental factors, health considerations, family parenting factors, and economic aspects, contribute to the occurrence of early marriage. Early marriage will have an effect on the non-fulfillment of statutory children's rights, such as the child's right not to be separated from his parents, the child's right to receive an appropriate education, and the child's right to obtain protection.


Early Marriage Protection Children’s Right

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Nawawi, M., Yusuf, S., Sam, B., & Iye, R. (2022). Effectiveness of Early Marriage on The Protection of Children’s Rights. Sang Pencerah: Jurnal Ilmiah Universitas Muhammadiyah Buton, 8(3), 870-876.