The Influence of Instagram Social Media Content on Erigo's Brand Image


  • Risya Syafira Telkom University



Brand image can be improved in many ways, one of which is through content on Instagram social media. In this study, researchers will discuss the Effect of Instagram Social Media Content on Erigo's Brand Image. In accordance with the title that has been described, the researcher uses descriptive quantitative research methods that involve respondents in filling out the questionnaire. The criteria for respondents in this study were male/female with an age range of 12-34 years, domiciled in the Jabodetabek area, have an Instagram account, love Indonesian products, know the Erigo brand, follow the Instagram account @erigostore and carry out activities in social media content Instagram @ erygostore. In determining the sample, the researcher used a non-probability sampling technique with purposive sampling type so that a sample of 100 people was obtained. Based on the results of the study, there is a positive influence between the contents of Instagram's social media content on the brand image of Erigo. This can be proven from the results of the T test which obtained a value of 0.722 which means it has a significant effect. Then through the coefficient of determination test obtained values ​​of 0.260, 0.374, 0.349 and 0.464 which means that all social media variables have an influence on the brand image of Erigo.

Keywords: Content, Social Media, Brand Image, Erigo.


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