The Influence of Jerome Polin as a Brand Ambassador on Zenius Education Brand Image

  • Nindya Elsanora Lingga Telkom University


EduTech is a technology used as a 4.0 learning media tool. This technology is used to promote education in the digital form. Zenius is one of the educational technologies in Indonesia that is intensively promoting with various marketing communications such as using brand ambassadors and online or offline advertisements to connect services with the public. The purpose of brand ambassadors procurement is to shape consumers' mindset on a brand image. This study aims to determine the effect of Jerome Polin's brand ambassador on Zenius education's brand image. The research method used is quantitative with the type of causal research. The data in this research has been collected by the author through an online questionnaire to 400 respondents according to the criteria of this study. The sampling technique used is non-probability sampling with the purposive sampling method. Researchers used simple linear regression analysis in the data analysis process carried out through IBM SPSS version 25. Based on the results of data analysis, the brand ambassador Jerome Polin (X) had a significant influence on brand image of 0.659 or 65.9% while the other 34.1% influenced by other factors outside of this study.


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