Motives of Teeenage Girls’ Premarital Sex Behavior

(Phenomenological Studies Teenagers Girls in Bogor City)


  • Arvin Belva Farchan Telkom University



Motives, Behavior, Premarital Sex


In 2019, PT Reckitt Benckiser Indonesia conducted research on 1500 adolescents in five major cities of Indonesia, namely Jakarta, Bandung, Medan, Surabaya and Yogyakarta. The study found that 33 percent of adolescents have had sex outside of marriage and 58 percent of them are aged 18 to 20 years. In every human behavior there is always a motive in it. According to Alfred Schutz, there are two types of motives, namely the objective motive and the cause motive. This study uses a qualitative research method with a phenomenological approach. The data collection technique was done by interviewing teenage girls who had premarital sex in the city of Bogor. The results of this study indicate that the causal motives that occur include: curiosity, friendship environment, partner's invitation, reassurance from partner, love, affection, coercion from partner, supportive atmosphere, porn video addiction, and increased sexual libido. While the motive for the purpose of premarital sex behavior that occurs in adolescent girls is due to several factors including: fulfilling curiosity, pleasing partners, preventing partners from getting angry, increasing love, increasing affection, satisfying themselves, satisfying sexual desires, so as not to make the wrong choice. partner, as an escape, the middle way from every problem, overcoming stress, reversing mood conditions, and increasing self-confidence


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